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A 3 minute teaser/music video showing how far these two guys have come on their journey. Song was recorded at the Pod probably in 90 or 91. Interview segments featuring Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen and Trenton City Gardens own Randy Now. All pre-1990 footage and photos courtesy of the great Mr. Tom Nichols. Couldn’t do this without him.


See the sights fly a kite
A day tonight and It’s alright
A painted sky want to fly
Time to die never wonder why
I”m a chairman of my own destiny
Ill plant a seed dig a weed
Take a leaf from your destiny
Love and live share and give
I’m a chairman of my own destiny
Alright! Fire!
Love and live share and give
When it’s right it’s a time to fight
Living large I’m in charge
Take a bite of you every night
Oh yeah! Chairman! Of my own destiny
See the sights fly a kite
A day tonight and it’s alright
A painted sky I want to cry
It’s time to die never wonder why
I plant a seed dig a weed
Take a leaf from your destiny
Love and live share and give
When it’s right it’s time to fight
Livin’ large I’m in charge
Take a fight! Take a fight!
Chairman of my own destiny
Alright! Fire! Alright! Chairman!
Of my own destiny
Chairman! of my own destiny….

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Among the many astonishing things on his resume, including attending Harvard and writing a top selling book on the psychology of the way people view you, training politicians to speak on the air, working for think-tanks in Washington, DC, playing Bass with Ween during the “12 Golden Country Greats Tour”, my dear friend Matt Kohut played Bass on this, one of my favorite Ween tracks. Impressive resume and one of my favorite people to talk to, ever. Matt Kohut rules, plain and simple. This is the second song Glenn McClelland ever recorded with Ween, the 1st was “Dancing in the Show Tonight”, the night we met.

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Istill own and I’m going to use that page as a portal for this new “online musical collaboration” project—-stay tuned for updates while I get that thing into shape—complete with Facebook integration, dropbox, etc, gonna be a fun project, I guarantee it. I’ve already made a few key contacts with people I intend to work with down the road—-the true spirit of music! I’m thinking of calling it “GET SOME W/DEANER”

Ok—this is the last time—-here is the FINAL mix of our Facebook Friends jam.

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this always makes me laugh….i had just joined the band and this was one of the first performances…it was the template for this new version of the band….and it fucking rocks!!!

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“Ornery Cowboy” by Dean Ween and his Facebook Friends.

so. on saturday night i tried an experiment, i recorded a song on a few tracks, totally bare bones, and posted it on facebook. i invited people to add to it and see if we could create a song that was listenable. some of the shit people did was pretty bad, others blew my mind. with the help of mike huetz, who i’ve known for a long time —Mike did some great editing, we were able to line up these tracks and make it into a "song". i’m posting the original track i put up, and the finished product.needless to say, this is pretty impressive.

and the final version which is Dean Ween on guitar and Bass, Mike Huetz (mad scientist, drum programming, editing, god knows what else), Jason Bambery on vocals, Laura Tate and her husband on 2nd Bass, Chris Michael on Clavinet. Thanks to the others who didn’t make the cut, in most cases we just ran out of space—-the song is complete and there’s no room for any more tracks!

I’d like to stay with this idea once a month or whatever and have an album at the end of the year to post online for people to enjoy. I love collaborating in general, this was really fun for me.

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Let’s name foods Ween mention in their songs, do you remember any?

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Freeman performing Cops (unreleased track), live at Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA, 10/3/2014.

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More Than the World Freeman live at Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, 10/2/2014

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Ween 06/04/1995 - Warrington, PA @ Warrington Skating Rink

Ween live performance from before my time.

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Ween Fluffy live


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Photos by Jeff Rusnak!

from the John & Peter’s Ween show on May 12, 1998 just posted

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Great show, worthy of a live album except for the fidelity—-have fun with this!

Dancing in the Show Tonight

Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese

Buckingham Green

Take Me Away

Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)

Wavin’ My Dick In the Wind

Dr. Rock

Mister Would You Please Help My Pony

The Golden Eel

The HIV Song

I Get A Little Taste Of You (from Z-Rock Hawaii album they did with the Boredoms)

Piss Up A Rope

Tender Situation

Voodoo Lady

The Mollusk, Marble

Tulip Juicy Tree

Booze Me Up & Get Me High

Mister Richard Smoker

Puerto Rican Power



Baby Bitch


The Blarney Stone


Summertime (Gershwin cover) (Gener sings it in some sort of Louis Armstrong voice)

Hot For Teacher (Van Halen cover)

Happy Birthday Bill Fowler

Stella Blue (Grateful Dead cover)

L.M.L.Y.P. (32 minutes long!)

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