Mac OS X Normal Select Pointer THIS IS WEEN, MY FRIEND!

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The Man Who Was Gene Ween, Back From The Bottom

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john oates came (and stayed the whole time) to my show last night. super dude, really awesome guy.
also via DWG: John Oates came and stayed for my whole gig last night and told me i was a killer guitarist. very cool dude, very nervous having to sing with him watching. What a cool down to earth dude.


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Hey guys, I’m very honored to share the new work from “cosmikspaz”. She did an incredible Ween medley a couple years back that blew me away. I was secretly hoping she’d take a crack at my new record as well someday. I was just mailed the YouTube link from my manager and safe to say, I’m a happy man. Thanks cosmikspaz and thank you all for the kind reception of my record!


video and recording by cosmicspaz

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in durango, show is sold out, not often you see this at a liquor atire     


Brothers Keeper feat. Dean Ween. “Booze Me Up & Get Me High” live at Taos Mesa Brewery Amphitheater. Sunday. Aug 10, 2014.
They rip through a Ween rarity at an amazing venue. via oldpunk55

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  here’s a good nan!


WEEN “Nan” (Fox Theater, Boulder, CO) 5-18-98 
Aaron Freeman - Vocals
Mickey Melchiondo - Guitar
Dave Dreiwitz - Bass
Claude Coleman Jr. - Drums
Glenn McClelland - Keyboards

Audio recorded by
Erik Larson

Video produced by
Ladd Hoover
Copyright © 1998

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"This Sunday, August 10, Brothers Keeper will be coming to the Taos Mesa Brewing Co. to ‘paint the town brown…" Check out this article and interview with Mickey:

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Fat Lenny’s gonna see myself Reflect it back on myself #boognish #reflections (at My House)


it pisses me the fuck off this new tumblr brilliant change when you try to open a blog and it slips a tab over the right side of the screen instead. 
is this supposed to be practical?

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Ween-September 2001
I’m playing bass in this picture which means it’s either Blackjack or Don’t Laugh (I Love You).
from that night right after 9/11



Well his mustache says “I’m a man” but that shirt is saying otherwise. 
This one is pretty funny but you should see the other hilariously out of place objects in this article:

George Takei is down with the brown even if he doesn’t really know it.

Sat-morning doing some Ween art. By: @igotta-stop-smoking

via Mickey Melchiondo:

Cool old Ween pic I just found on google images while looking for pics of my George Harrison Strat.