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Happy 73rd Birthday to my #1 influence in all of music!
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(on July 22, 2014)

Dean Ween

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Aaron Freeman (formerly Gene Ween) performs “Object” at WNRN in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Aaron Freeman (a.k.a. Gene Ween) Unveils Pop Adorned 'Freeman' LP


You can stream the album in full there.

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A fan shot this video with a cell phone and I added the soundboard audio to it. This song was totally a group effort, I wrote and recorded the muisc while Gabe sat there and said “you should call it Nightcrawler. Later that night my buddy Dylan came over and he has a way with words and he wrote the lyrics in like 10 minutes, the next night Guy sang the lead vocal. Sexy serpentine groove

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Dean Ween Group 7-10-14 #dwg #deweybeach #de #mickeymelchiondo (at Rusty Rudder)


Somehow I can’t believe this is real, am I getting pranked? Did the Roots just play “Nicole” by Ween——the most fucked up song off our first album, a song that we never played live once? I’m gonna reserve judgment, jesus h. christ…….in front of Nicole Richie walking out onstage? I’ve met these dudes a few times and knew they were fans, but this is one of the deepest cuts in our catalog. Tell me this is a prank…………

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WEEN family photo at Sears  If ever there was a flick of mine perfect for tumblr, this is it!!!
Normal, jason, Dawn & Justin Jayden

Boognish bless America! Let the extended weekend of freedom begin!
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Chris Buly

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"Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)" live from their wonderful show at Peadbody’s in Cleveland, OH on October 27th 1994.

I know I’ve posted quite a bit from this show but w/ the SBD audio addition it definitely is one of the best overall recordings I have at this point. They were really playing well on this night despite the fact that right before they went on they were informed that all their friends and allies at Elektra records had been fired. A bad relationship with the label was soon to follow.


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Coming your way!!
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Take it, break it, break it 6-25-14 #dwg #jnps #newhope #pa #mickeymelchiodo (at John & Peter’s)